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Way Back When

Pete Lewis

Pete will be taking you on a weekly trip down memory lane with music, chat, events, births, deaths and personal recollections. Each week he'll be incorporating music from that year or songs linked to that year. It'll be a lighthearted look at history over the last 50-60 years interspersed with some of the biggest songs of all time. There'll also be a weekly feature of 'Classic Covers' on the show where he'll be playing back to back original songs and the cover versions that we be more familiar with.

Pete has had a long and varied history himself with work experience ranging from support work to retail to customer service to marketing to working with Dunmow youngsters in the Beavers Scouts colony. His most fulfilling and rewarding role by far is that of being that of a partner to a wonderful lady and father figure to a 7yr old.

Thursday nights you'll need to settle down and enjoy the music and smile as Pete brings back memories of what life was like Way Back When.

Contact him via the Facebook page of the show - 'Switch Dunmow Way Back When' if you'd like to be on the show or if you have any music requests or stories you'd like to share.