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Top of the Curve

This programme will be starting in a few weeks time.  

Daniella Stiles

Daniella (otherwise known as Danie) is very excited about hosting 'Top Of The Curve', a brand new show coming to switch dunmow radio. A new and exciting opportunity well out of her normal comfort zone but she feels very confident with time she will have everyone contributing to the show and up and dancing to the latest chart hits.

As well as being a single mum to her 4 year old son Freddie, she has been a special needs support worker/ team leader and senior for 9years, working closely with people of all ages, abilities and walks of life.

Just last year, 2017, Danie found herself in a bit of a dark place, as many do, wondering what road to follow next to regain her confidence and purpose, on a complete whim and held breath she applied to the UKs most renowned and publicised Plus size beauty pageant, Miss British Beauty Curve, accepted into the finals and given her Miss North Essex Curve Title she competed against 60 other beautiful and talented women in the grand final but sadly didn't bring the crown home. A task she has now set herself for the finals of 2018 after winning her Miss North Essex Curve Title for a second year!

MBBC has instilled the confidence and drive for Danie to create and run an important charitable organisation called #ThePinkPurseProject which provides sanitary and hygiene products to women that may not otherwise be in a position to purchase themselves, off the back of that she also works with a large array of homeless outreach groups throughout Essex providing clothing, food, meals etc..

Danie has always had a keen interest and love of Art, combined with her almost 10years of experience including mental health and learning disabilities she hopes to soon start a 'Mindful Art Movement' group specialising in using Art as a method of spiritual, physical and mental healing therapy to others within Essex, Hertfordshire and London.

Danie hopes her show will play a selection of up to date chart music mixed with 90's favourites and listeners choices!

Talking about current affairs, local and national charity and community events, promoting body positivity and self love for everyone with guest talkers from time to time.