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Smarta Living

Terese Walker - Smarta Living

My names Terese (Pronounced Teraze make sure you get it right! Lol) and I can’t wait to start my show 'Smarta Living', every Monday from 11.30-1.30 on Switch Dunmow radio. We are going to amp it right up get your energy levels up! And I want everyone contributing to the show with playlists and request with the songs that will get you up and motivated at the beginning of each week.

A bit about me, I live at home with my Gym beast Partner Christian, I am mum to 3 gorgeous boys, my eldest Deneil, is 17 he’s at College and working, I also have Twins of 12 Nicky and Nate, I am very proud of them all.  I also have two fur babies a cat called Teddy and a Rescue Dog called Winson. I worked for a Charity for 16 years with disabled Adults and Children which I loved very much, I finally left in May 2017 as in 2011 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer had spent the last 6 years having various treatments. I am now well and as I am still here to tell the tale and I am very grateful, so I decided after 16 years of working for the same company it was time to move on a pursue what I want to do, which is to go into coaching and mentoring.

I’ve been married, divorced, I’m a parent, I’ve been ill, thin, fat, I’ve been internet dating, I tried every diet you can think of, so I’ve got plenty we can talk about!

My interests in the most part is being out with friends eating, whether it be home cooked food, or eating out, also I love Masterchef, I am allergic to TV adverts and soaps, so I like to binge watch box sets or watch documentaries on YouTube and listening to podcasts from some great mentors. I am very much into finding all those little life hacks you can do to make your day to day life easier also improving you mental and Physical wellbeing. I want to know what challenges you have been through, what your thoughts where, and how you have managed to overcome those situations and what things you did or used, such as therapies, apps or technology

I hope my show will give you a diverse taste of music from Nirvana, rock music, RnB, current chart music, Reggae and a little bit of House and Garage to give your week a kick start. Most of all I want to here about  what you want to listen to, to get your week going!

I will be getting some guest talkers on, from all different backgrounds, talking about their speciality or business along with a little bit of current affairs, local news and national and community events, nothing much about politics! And no bad news bears! Most of all Sending good vibes out to everyone.