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Rock and Soul

Rock and Soul with Vicki Vaughn - Each Friday night at 6pm

ROCK AND SOUL (Reach your goal )



Vicki is a 38 year old mum of 2 and a writer/lyricist and model. She is also the writer of Bricks of Illusion and other short published online children's stories.

Vicki has had a degree of success as a model and like Jordan has an alter ego name (or several) one being Roxy Angel. Vicki enjoys painting/drawing, acting, singing, dancing and playing music.

This opportunity means lots to her and it has given her a boost to regain her confidence. It has also given her the opportunity to feel that she can try to help others with the motivational content of parts of her show. Volunteering is something she really enjoys as well as helping others.

Vicki’s programme, Rock and Soul, is a show with mostly rock music, some pop, reggae and occasionally other kinds.  All this alongside positive inspirational quotes and motivation and ideas etc on how to reach your goals in life atogether with promotion of what is happening at the Arts Centre.

                     Contact Vicky at rockandsoul@switchdunmow.com