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A couple of our presenters having a good time by the look of it!

Katie (Keep It Real Local) and Jon (Jon’s Jukebox and Co-host of Chow and Chat & Debbie and Friends) displaying their disk Jockey skills.

Switch Dunmow’s Record of the Week


Lauren Kyobe is twenty years old, she grew up in East London, Seven Sisters and moved to the small village of Sawbridgeworth when she was seven. Lauren starting singing at around the age of ten and

she is passionate about performing. Lauren loves everything music and her favourite Artistes are a mixture of two peoples vocals Beyoncé and Etta James.

Lauren was once known as the sister that could not sing even though she could…….. Lauren loves Jennifer Lawrence and the way she says it how it is.  Lauren has been recording now for about 5 to 6 years and loves the creative process. Her favourite TV show is ‘Nashville’ A TV show about country singers and she spends hours watching all types of Music videos to give her inspiration.

Lauren has big ambitions and describes her music as a mix of ‘Soul and modern pop!’ She is currently in the studio recording some original tracks she has written.

Watch out for LAUREN KYOBE, UK’s biggest talent!