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Jon’s Jukebox - Each Monday night 19:00 - 21:00

Jon’s Jukebox has been an occasional show for some time where Jon Rome played his favourite music that was released on vinyl last century.

For many years he has had his collection of 45s from his mobile disco days in the 1970s stored in his loft & it has long been his ambition to digitise them, over the years he’s made a few attempts but they have all stagnated.

When the Monday slot became available with Caroline taking a break from Sounds Delicious he saw the opportunity to not only ‘keep the seat warm’ until her return but also as a way to force himself into a recording regime.

Initially he was playing mainly A sides but after a while he realised that maybe he could do a companion show of the corresponding B sides, so, starting at show #15 he has recorded both A & B sides into two separate two hour shows. This should keep him busy for quite some time.

A brief history: His name is Jon Rome & in 1971 he met someone who was to become a lifelong friend who was running a mobile disco with a friend. That friend decided to give it up & Jon was invited to join.

The Master Edition Disco then comprised a two deck console, several boxes of records, a valve amplifier & 6’ column speaker & light unit, all of which fitted into Ken’s Hillman Imp!

For most of the 1970s they did mainly house parties, many for a group of physiotherapists in their house in Finsbury Park & also wedding receptions. Back then they charged £10, irrespective of the duration of the gig although, occasionally, free beer did the trick.

Over the years other friends would come along with them, mainly for the free booze they suspected, & eventually formed their own discos, one of which was Cyclone Sounds.

Jon left in 1980, marriage had got in the way, but his friend Kelvin kept it going for many years, even after he had moved to the Isle of Wight although by then the 45s weren’t being used & rather than seeing them disposed of I agreed to store them. Jon estimates to have between 4000 & 5000 singles although there are many duplicates & even triplicates. Kelvin is now a major part of Vectis radio on the Isle of Wight.

Jon’s Jukebox