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Health Matters

Health Matters

Presented by Jonathan & Caroline Spooner

Each Tuesday 6pm till 8pm

Join Jonathan and Caroline every Tuesday for everything health. Two hours of discussions, great music and we will even invite the odd guest from time to time!

Health Matters is a programme that is dedicated to all things health. We will investigate the health benefits of dieting, holistic health treatments, and pioneering new health sciences and treatments along with many other fascinating areas of research. The programme will consider the practical steps that people can take themselves to build a healthier life style.

Jonathan will keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the world of energy medicine, and from time to time will invite guest health experts to join him and provide an insight into their specific health treatment speciality.

Caroline is a RGN Community Nurse with over thirty years of NHS experience, like Jonathan she is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapist practitioner and foot health specialist. Together they co present and host the programme playing some definitive music as they take us on a journey into the world of health.

Health really does matter and an important question to ask yourself is, What do I need to do in order to get healthier? Without the answer, you’re likely to get stuck in your quest to be healthier. Why? Because action is driven by purpose, so healthy changes will only become habits if you know why they matter. And if we only make better choices based on insignificant reasons – like getting into a pair of jeans or impressing an ex – we’ll continue to make choices based on others, instead of what’s really important.

Your health matters because your LIFE matters. A healthy you means so much more than losing weight or looking good in your bathing suit. When you are healthy, life is simply better.

Jonathan has a long history in broadcasting and was a founder of Hospital Radio Cuckfield which was established back in 1975 and which is now know as Mid Downs Radio, broadcasting from Queen Alexandria Hospital Haywards Health. He is a keen radio amateur and holds a G8 licence which he obtained in 1977.

If you’re not sure why your health matters, join Jonathan & Caroline on Switch Dunmow every Tuesday night between 6-8pm

Email Jonathan at jspooner@biomaguk.com or enquiries.biomaguk.com

Visit Jonathan’s website at www.biomaguk.com